Episode 18 – Dr. Vreeland: Understanding Neurotransmitters

We’re back today with Dr. Court Vreeland, our favourite Functional Neurologist. In this episode Dr. Vreeland and Roland will be diving deep into neurotransmitters, how they work, what they’re synthesized from, and how to both assess and modify their levels. The wrap-up goes over L-Theanine’s effect on neurotransmitters, and how it might help you have a better day. Enjoy!

Episode 17 – Wolfgang Unsöld: Resistance Training v. HIIT, Cage Match!

Wolfgang Unsöld is one of the top strength coaches in Germany and founder of Your Personal Strength Institute. He’ll be diving into key factors for hypertrophy, goal dependent exercise styles, squat holidays and more. Don’t miss this week’s wrap up folks, we’ll be dissecting a great exercise study that came out earlier this year, providing some clear answers on how to jack up your mitochondria.

Episode 16 – Paul Burgess: Using mTOR to Slow Aging

Paul Burgess is a clinical nutritionist, a personal trainer, and a specialist in anti-aging. If you liked the wrap ups we did about NRF-2 and NF-kappaB, you’ll love this one. It’s all about mTOR and how we can take advantage of this biochemical switch to slow aging and prevent cancer.

Episode 15 – Primal Edge Health: Nutrition Lessons from a Keto Expert

Tristan and Jessica of Primal Edge Health are joining us from Ecuador! They’re going to go over the importance of fat soluble vitamins and how spending more time in the kitchen is the key to eating healthy without sacrificing the enjoyment of food. Join us for the wrap up, we’re going to take a deep dive into the mechanics of Vitamin K2 and go over some absolutely stunning results of three Vitamin K2 studies.

Episode 14 – Michael Roesslein: The Truth About Detoxing

Today’s show features Michael Roesslein from Rebel Health Tribe. Michael has a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. He is a certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, as well as a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Roland and Michael will be busting myths and telling you the truth about detoxification. If you’ve been enjoying nerding out on studies during the wrap-ups, don’t miss today’s wrap up, we’ve got some fascinating studies on the effects of sweating for detoxifying heavy metals and plastics.

Episode 13 – Dr. Brock: The Game Plan for the Optimal Brain

If you liked our last episode on functional neurology, you’ll love this one too. Roland Pankwhich interviews Dr. Brandon Brock. Dr. Brandon Brock is a board certified chiropractic neurologist with a passion for teaching. He’s developed over 5000 hours of curriculum on neurology, nutrition, physical diagnosis, pharmacology, immunology, and endocrinology. The post-interview wrap-up discusses two cutting edge and absolutely mind-blowing studies on Parkinson’s disease.

Episode 11 – Dr. Hyla Cass: Leverage Nutrition to Improve Your Mood!

Dr. Cass is a Nationally acclaimed innovator and expert in the fields of integrative medicine, psychiatry, and addiction recovery. She appears often as a guest on national radio and television, including The Dr. Oz Show, E! Entertainment, and The View. We’ll be diving into nutritional factors to elevate mood and improve brain function.

Episode 9 – Alessandro Ferretti: BioTRACK before you BioHACK, and Fixing Metabolic Dysfunction with Ketosis

Alessandro Ferretti is a Nutritionist, an educator, a renown speaker, an expert biotracker, and runs a mentorship program for nutritionists as the CEO of Equilibria Health. Roland and Alessandro will be diving into Heart Rate Variability tracking, HRV, and the ups and downs of the ketogenic diet. Brent will join in the wrap up and talk about his personal experience with the ketogenic diet, and dive a little deeper into its metabolic effects.